Sunday, July 6, 2008

a fair park fourth

It had been years since I'd seen fireworks, so I organized a family trip to this year's Fair Park Fourth celebration downtown. My parents, brother and sister, and grandparents joined us for a family picnic on the grass. We spread a few blankets and ate sandwiches, eatZi's pasta salad, grapes, chips, and homemade cookies while a polka duo played nearby. My sister and I even did a little jig to the music. Since all the museums were free until 8 p.m., all nine of us scampered over to the Natural History Museum to gaze at preserved bison, bobcats, and dinosaur bones. It brought back memories of school fieldtrips. The fireworks started about 9:30, and we all huddled on the concrete underneath the impressive facade of the Hall of State to watch. Besides being home to my beloved State Fair of Texas, Fair Park has been around since 1886, but many of its Art Deco structures were completed in 1936 for the Texas Centennial Exposition. Interesting fact: Fair Park has the largest collection of 1930s Art Deco, exposition-style architecture in the United States! It's comforting to walk down the esplanade, which bisects the buildings, and marvel at these beautiful buildings, knowing that they're an important part of Dallas history.

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