Friday, November 13, 2009

autumn continues...

On Halloween, we took the wee one to the Dallas Arboretum to gaze at mums, frolic among fallen leaves, and have fun with pumpkins. I discovered that there is a tree on the arboretum grounds that has been there since before the constitution was signed. (I love learning interesting facts about my city.) It was an absolutely perfect day (I wore a sweater!), and Harper slept the entire time. Despite the fact that she didn't see much of the gorgeous colors, we did snap some pretty darn cute pictures.

I've decided that holidays, outings, seasons, and special occasions are so much more fun with a child. I can't even imagine what Christmas is going to be like. There's something incredible about the idea of sharing these moments with my daughter, teaching her about traditions and the world around her. I can hardly wait for the next adventure...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a note on mommyhood

Nothing prepares you for being a parent. No book, no article, no Discovery Channel documentary show. (Although they are all quite helpful.) Nope. You can't understand what it's like to be a parent until you are one. And it's wonderful. And amazing. And empowering. And frustrating. And every emotion you could ever hope and hope not to experience.

One of the most incredible films I've seen in recent memory is Sam Mendes' Away We Go, a little indie flick with a huge message. The first time I saw it, I misinterpreted the message. I thought it was about a couple trying to find a new city to live in, one that would be perfect for their not-yet-born baby. But I saw again after we had Harper, and I get it now. It's about the many ways you can be a parent. The good ways, the bad ways, the ridiculous ways of being a mommy or daddy. I'd recommend it for anyone who is planning to have or already has children. You can thank me later.