Sunday, July 26, 2009

baby book: check

Much like baby bedding, the world of baby books is plagued with tacky, cartoonish pink and blue characters whose smiling faces make me want to barf. Luckily, snobs like me have Etsy and sellers like Edna Mae, who sell beautiful, sophisticated, modern baby items. I found this baby book today, and Etsy once again had my business. It is handmade, not corny, and has a cover I can happily display in the nursery.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

hello, birdie

The nursery is coming together! Slowly but surely, my initial vision for this room in distress is taking shape. The furniture, lighting, bedding, rug, and even some knickknacks are in place and ready for baby. The last few decorative items will be added in the coming days, and I will be able to take some photographs and post the finished room. All we need now are the baby essentials to fill the room. I never realized how many different items are needed to take care of a little one. Humidifiers, diaper contraptions, receiving blankets, and a smattering of other baby things are clogging my gift registry at Babies R Us and Land of Nod. Will I really need all this stuff? I did, however, manage to register for some adorable, swoon-worthy items, like this birdie mobile made of bamboo.

Monday, July 6, 2009

cup of goodness

Remember my gushing over Pinkberry? My longing for REAL frozen yogurt in Dallas? Enter OrangeCup. Same concept as Pinkberry, just much closer to home. I simply love this place. The Husband and I have been there about three times in the last week and a half. The chic modern decor and green philsophy aside, I can get my ice cream craving satisfied here for less than 200 calories and no fat. It's real frozen yogurt, actual yogurt that is frozen. Not ice-cream-frozen-yogurt. I think I need to buy some stock in this place...