Saturday, August 16, 2008

read me

In my continuing adventures of learning how to be a prep school teacher, I've come to love ambiguity. In fact, "be comfortable with ambiguity" has been a lasting mantra among my fellow teachers. I was hired to teach 9th grade English literature and some journalism courses. But in the name of change (and ambiguity), my role has changed slightly. In addition to the 9th grade English and journalism/yearbook/newspaper duties, I have been assigned ONE 6th grade literature class due to the large number of 6th graders we have. You could not hide my delight when I discovered the first recommended book on the reading list this year: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Carroll's writings are a love of mine, and the Alice books, well, they are quite frankly some of the best children's stories ever written. During my year living in London, I purposely took a train to Oxford just to visit Carroll's haunts, like the Eagle and Child pub (nicknamed the "Bird and Baby"), and Christ Church Meadow, where he imagined Alice's first glimpse of the White Rabbit and chasing him down the rabbit hole. Sigh. Literature is such a splendid thing, is it not?

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