Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Husband and I survived yet another Christmas. I have to admit that I'm enjoying this two-weeks-off thing that is bestowed upon the world of education. I think I may have needed it this year for the recovery process. The combination of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and the whirlwind that ensues in our combined families is enough to make you want to spew eggnog. I love my family (and even the in-laws) so much that I hesitate to say that I'm happy the whole darn thing is over. It starts early Christmas Eve and ends late Christmas night with very little sleep in between. But lest you call me a Scrooge, I've come up with my own holiday list (which I've checked twice)...

The Best Things About Christmas 08:

1) Two weeks off (hands down, the BEST thing)
2) My new Dyson vacuum cleaner (there has to be at least one materialistic item)
3) My granddaddy's eggnog
4) Christmas morning with a giddy 4-year-old niece
5) S'mores with friends
6) Having a "blast from the past" with people I haven't seen in years at The Porch
7) NorthPark mall's holiday decorations
8) Driving through Highland Park with hot chocolate to look at mansion Christmas lights
9) My Nana's turkey dressing
10) Buying extremely inexpensive plane tickets for New York City in January

And we still have New Years in the hopper!

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