Tuesday, February 24, 2009

home-improvement mode

I am once again in home-improvement mode. After The Husband and I complete a project, I tend to sigh with relief (as does he) and take a breather. I avoid even thinking about the next venture. However, my mind now has a few more ideas in the hopper, including a closet organization in our second bedroom. It is a somewhat-massive closet, larger than the one in our master (thanks for nothing, mid-century architects), but it's awkwardly shaped with hideous sliding doors that swing back and forth when closed.

I've considered two options. One is an Elfa closet from The Container Store (pictured). The other would be cheaper but requires more ingenuity. Ikea has large wardrobes that fit inside closets. We would simply remove the doors and slide in the wardrobes (but "simply" never turns out to be as easy when it comes to Ikea). It will likely be a big expense, but I find it a necessary one at the moment. The new bamboo floors in the den will have to wait.

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