Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dear harper

Dear Harper,

As I watch you, everyday, become the beautiful child that I can't BELIEVE is mine, I am continuously reminded of the day you arrived. You were all red-faced and screaming and totally helpless, and I remember thinking, 'here we go!' I couldn't wait to begin. Now that you're 1 (actually, 14 months now), you are doing incredibly grown-up things, like walking, laughing hysterically at mommy when she's silly, and trying to shove as much cheese as possible into your mouth at one time. (That Jarlsberg is SO GOOD!)

Thank you for giving me hugs and wrapping your arms around me so tight when you're frightened. Thank you for being the best napper this side of the Mississippi. Thank you for enjoying restaurants as much as your mommy does (one of these days, when you're ready, I'll take you to Stephan Pyles). Thank you for your love of animals, even when you insist on giving the dog an open-mouthed kiss. Thank you for being an explorer and a curious mind (just don't' talk to strangers). And thank you for being my baby. For even though you are no longer an infant, you will always be my baby.



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Deedak agrees that she is a greatness.