Thursday, March 20, 2008

i (heart) ginkgos

With spring making itself known on practically every stem in town, I feel this overwhelming urge to plant a tree. Honestly, I feel like this every year, and needless to say, the tree collection at our house grows almost yearly. The Husband is delighted, thank goodness, since he has a liking for trees as well. But my mom chides me often, asking if I want to live in a forest.
This year, I'm enamored with the ginkgo tree. They are hard to find. I know because I've looked. The grow to be quite tall, so they are by no means ornamental. But they turn a gorgeous mellow yellow in the fall, and the leaves have a peculiar shape. Native to Japan, the ginkgo is also the oldest tree on Earth, which makes it even more unique and fascinating.

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