Monday, January 26, 2009

nyc adventures, vol. 3

Perhaps the strangest experience in New York was our encounter with Daniel Radcliffe's bare bottom (and other unmentionables). I'm a huge supporter of theater, and I get star-struck just about as much as anyone, so the thought of seeing Harry Potter himself in the flesh was, well, a no-brainer. We bought tickets to Equus prior to our trip, knowing full well there was a nude scene. The theatre was small, and we had very good seats in the lower balcony. Besides the nudity, the story itself was bizarre. It involves a troubled teenager who formulates his own religious connections with horses and ends up blinding a barnful of them in a shameful rage. I can't say I've ever seen anything like it. We left speechless and a little creeped out, but Radcliffe did an excellent job, as did his fellow actors. It definitely makes you think when it's all over about the crazy things the mind will come up with. As we were leaving, a man behind us remarked, "I'll never watch Harry Potter the same again."

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