Friday, January 23, 2009

nyc adventures, vol. 2

My best meal in New York City this time around? Easy. Aquavit--a Scandinavian fine dining restaurant in Midtown that we tackled for lunch in order to save some moolah. We opted for the "cafe" part of the restaurant, which was decked in a very Euro-mod style and much cheaper than the "dining room." A $24 two-course lunch seemed kind of over-the-top, but why not? We were in New York City, after all. Ahem. First course was a steaming bowl of butternut squash soup, perhaps the best damn soup made of ghord I'd ever had. Resting on top were four marshmellows that slowly melted and blended into the soup for a sweet-buttery effect. God, it was good. Main course for me was roasted chicken with some kind of mash and crispy green beans. Jen had a very colorful salmon with a Scandinavian fruit medly I can't recall the name of. I enjoyed my meal with a $7 cup of chamomile tea. (I had these images of a man hiking into the Alps to pick fresh chamomile to deliver it to my cup; hence the high price.)

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