Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring walks in the park

It's that strange time of year when, if you glance out a window, it still looks remarkably like winter, yet the weather is much warmer and little buds are sprouting here and there. The Husband, the Dog, and I have picked up our afternoon/evening walks in the park again, and once more I feel lucky to live so close to a protected greenbelt.

On another spring note, the Elfa closets I mentioned in a previous post went on sale, so we jumped at the opportunity and completely revamped the closet in the second bedroom. Eighteen drawers, 14 shelves, and two hanging rods later, we have a brand new closet! Prior to the installment, however, we had to do some massive spring cleaning, seeing as how we used that closet for storage. I did come across some hilarious photographs and keepsakes from years past though, which was quite entertaining.

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