Wednesday, April 1, 2009

best things about teaching

In order to pysch myself up about the dreaded PPR exam this weekend, I've created a list of my favorite things about being a prep school English teacher. Once this test is done (and I pass it, of course), I will be officially certified. This has been a truly wild year, one I have learned so much from. It really has been an adventure of sorts.

Top 10 Things I Love About Prep School Teaching

10. The people. There are so many incredible teachers at my school. Smart. Educated. Caring. Dedicated. I have learned so much from them.
9. Watching teenagers do their teenager thing. Honestly, I laugh every day. Don't you remember caring so much about so many silly things at age 15?
8. Christmas Break and Spring Break. Need I say more?
7. Summer Break. Helllll-0.
6. The opportunity to rediscover the splendid novels of my youth and college years. I forgot how wonderful Great Expectations really is. Way to go, Dickens.
5. Seeing looks of recognition and amazement on my students faces when I teach them something new. There's nothing like it.
4. Watching my students grow smarter by the day and getting to say, "I helped them do that."
3. That familiar sigh of relief as the school year winds down, a feeling I haven't experienced since I was a student. I can only imagine that the fall will feel like a fresh, new beginning.
2. Helping young people understand the splendor as well as the misgivings of life and giving them advice and support.
1. Being able to wake up each day and know that today will be completely different than yesterday.

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