Sunday, September 6, 2009

just my style

Because I sometimes feel inclined to put a label on things (hey, so what?), I started thinking today about my own personal design style. This sometimes happens when I'm cleaning the house and looking around at how I've chosen to decorate my abode. If someone asked me to describe my design aesthetic, what would I tell them? I'm certainly not just "modern." I'm far from "traditional." No where near "classic." Anything "contemporary" is too new. I like retro pieces mixed with new. I came across the term "bohemian modern" recently, and that seems more like me. Then I thought "vintage modern" might do. Am I over-thinking this?

One of my favorite designers is Amy Butler. She designs mostly fabrics, but her home is divine. Just my style. The above photograph is an image of her dining room. What would you call this? Whatever it is, it's "me."

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