Saturday, April 23, 2011

obsession of the month: home tours

Home tours are not a new thing in my world. I've enjoyed them for years. In fact, this year was my fifth White Rock Home Tour. It's become a bit of a tradition in my family because we are now joined by my mother (or "Mimi" to Harper), my dad (or "Deedak" to Harper -- don't ask, long story), my sister (Aunt Mallory), my brother (Uncle Jarred), and anyone else who wishes to join us.

April in Dallas is a month of home tours, in fact. Earlier this month, we also did the Park Cities Home Tour. Despite the rather large homes and beautiful landscaping, those homes were a bit too lavish for me with King Louis XVI drapes and wallpaper, rooms overflowing with hefty antiques, and guilded baths. I can appreciate the homes and the neighborhood (ooo-la-la!), but it's not me. White Rock Home Tour, on the other hand, is fantastic because: 1) It's my neighborhood. I'm so proud. 2) The homes are all modern, many of them mid-century modern, a style that I love and appreciate with marked jealousy. 3) There is often a "green" home on the tour, and I love sustainable materials. 4) Every home has modern interiors (not contemporary, but modern -- the two are strikingly different), a style I infuse into my own home.

I snapped the above shot in the backyard of a mid-century home (circa 1955) that had a 2010 addition on the back, which added a bedroom, bath, and living space. It is my dream home.

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