Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a gorgeous birthday weekend

I awoke on my birthday (this past Saturday) to beautiful blue skies and 70-degree weather. With a February birthday, it's inevitable that the majority of my birthdays are gloomy, gray, and, quite often, rainy. As a child, my birthday get-togethers were mostly skate parties and movie nights, things you could do indoors. But it was a gorgeous day in the Dallas area, which lifted my spirits quite a bit after an emotionally exhausting week.

The Husband surprised me with a very pretty diamond necklace set in white gold, which he designed himself with the help of a jeweler. Then it was off to the movies to see the very beautifully shot but oh-so-sad Atonement. The evening was spent at Hatties, one of my favorite restaurants in the Bishop Arts District. The decor alone in this restaurant is enough to make a girl like me pass out from sheer happiness, but the food is a wonderful combination of Southern comfort and casual elegance. A glass of Cabernet and a heaping plate of fried green tomatoes was a fantastic way to end one of the best birthdays on record.

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