Thursday, February 7, 2008

things i discovered in nyc: vol. 3

While on a quest in SOHO to find The Husband the perfect beige button-up, I stumbled upon Muji. And I was so glad I did. Selling clothes, bedding, and even stationery, this little Japanese shop right on Broadway is its first U.S. store, and it's so neat and tidy that I felt compelled to just live there. Pack a bag, move in, snuggle up between the shoe section and a rack of pillows and just meditate. It's a fantastic place. Truly. The shop was also having a 70% off sale of which I took firm advantage. I'm loving my purchase, a too-cute knit bag with an adorable button closure. It's so delightful, I just want to eat it! Grrr.

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