Saturday, November 15, 2008

homage to the pumpkin

When I was a child, autumn had not officially begun until my Mom would bake pumpkin bread from scratch. I'd watch her pour all the ingredients into the mixture, from ground cloves and cinnamon to flour and eggs, and then my brother and sister and I would wait impatiently for an hour for the bread to bake. We luckily had a new loaf to devour almost every weekend. She still makes the pumpkin bread, though probably not quite as often, as the kids have moved out now and are attempting to make pumpkin bread loaves of our own.

Last Christmas, The Husband bought me a Kitchen Aide mixer, and I couldn't wait to use it to make a batch of pumpkin bread. However, the fall season was over, and I wasn't about to break the seasonal tradition by making pumpkin bread past Christmas. So I've waited, and not finding anything else worthy of my semi-culinary genius, the mixer has sat unused in the cupboard. I have since been reminded of my neglect, so we went to the grocery store, where I procured all the necessary ingredients to make pumpkin bread. I'll post the results here.

The photo above is an image of the white pumpkin (also called a "Casper") that I got from Central Market. I love these pale pumpkins. It's been the centerpiece on my dining room table all season.

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