Monday, November 24, 2008

welcome home

Finally (finally!) we have a new front door. I kid you not when I say that when we moved into our mid-century rancher, the first thing I said I was going to remove was the front door. It had an oval (ick) window with gold-inlaid (ick) detailing. The door knob was also gold (ick ick). Now, four years later, we've finally found a front door that not only matches the historical integrity of the house but is so much more aesthetically pleasing. The Husband installed it with the help of my handy grandfather with minimal cussing. We painted it "andiron," a hue by the folks over at Martha Stewart. I love my new door. It's gorgeous, isn't it?

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the good Southern housewife said...

oh this is SO gorgeous, heather! congrats to justin... the whole look is just perfect.