Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial music

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and I simply love this holiday. Perhaps it's that feeling that summer is about to begin. Everyone is outdoors doing some kind of activity. The fireflies are out, there's still a faint spring breeze in the air before the summer humidity kicks in, and everyone is off work and in dandy spirits. The Husband and I are lucky enough to live within walking distance of Flagpole Hill. Each Memorial Day, the Dallas Symphony sets up on the hill to play followed by a fireworks show. Last night around 8, we trudged up there, blanket under arm, and made camp under a towering, leafy oak within perfect view of the bandstand. I peered down the hill and thoroughly enjoyed watching children weave in and out of the crowd with their glow-in-the-dark swords, couples sipping wine and chewing on grapes, and feet bobbing back and forth during the uplifting, patriotic movements of the orchestra. It was lovely.

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