Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Go Veggie! (Well, Sorta)

When I was 14, I gave up red meat. I know what you're thinking: That lasted about two months, right? Nope. I've stuck with it. And at the prehistoric age of 28, I'm still red-meat-free. I've never been brave enough to try the full-time vegetarian thing, and my meat-loving husband would mostly likely faint at the thought of even less animal products in the house. (He's just too cute to scold!) Besides the typical humanitarian excuse, we now have another reason to cut down on our meat consumption. I just learned this astonishing eco-friendly tip:

Meat production is so resource-intensive, if 10,000 people gave up meat once every seven days, it would conserve enough water to annually fill 22,719 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Just one day a week. That's it. There are some great veggie pasta dishes out there, not to mention my favorite vegetarian feast: tomato, bell pepper and pineapple pizza. Yep. That's what I said.

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