Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh, Sweet Unnecessary Cravings

I'm swooning over these two items from RianRae. I'm a bit curious about my obsession with the deer heads. For starters, I'm sternly against any kind of animal murder, especially the kind that involves grown men running through the forest in camo with guns a-waving. But if the deer are made of wood, does that make it alright? You tell me. I developed my thing for wooden deer heads after eating at one of my favorite Dallas restaurants, Tillman's Roadhouse. The decor in that place is simply fantastic. I love the chandeliers mixed with the woodsy atmosphere. Brilliance.

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Mark said...

it's cool, wooden dear heads can be beautiful in their own way. It's nice that they aren't actual dear heads. My girlfriend swooned as well, over the picture of the tree. She was looking up information about espalier, manipulating trees into various interesting shapes. looking forward to keeping up with your blogs.