Monday, May 19, 2008

pancakes, pagodas and paintings

Justin and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on Saturday, and it was one for the books. It started Saturday morning with the best pancakes in the universe at The Original Pancake House. And then it was off to the Japanese Gardens at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, where we proceeded to gaze longingly at every type of Japanese maple possible. There were also koi fish galore, which is always fun. And there was a wedding taking place in a very nice pagoda structure. It looked very stylish, and we commented on the fact that those two buggers would have the same anniversary as we do. Darn it.

When it started to get too hot. we ventured over to the Kimball Museum for more culture. I loooove this museum. It's rather small, so you feel like you can see the entire thing without getting museum-weary (which does happen folks, let me tell you). Back at home, we got dressed for an early dinner at Stephen Pyles. I'm drooling just thinking about our meal. It really is the best restaurant in Dallas, except for perhaps York Street. Our appetizer was a sea bass ceviche, which was quite possibly one of the most amazing things I've ever tasted. And dessert was (my favorite) the "coffee and doughnuts," two homemade doughnuts and two doughnut holes with goats milk caramel dipping sauce and coffee-flavored creme brulee. Life was good.

It was the perfect day. And I can't believe it's been five years since our stellar wedding day. I'm so incredibly lucky to be married to someone I love so dearly.

Japanese Gardens:



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Mark said...

wow! five years, huh? congratulations! I like Justin's glasses.