Wednesday, May 7, 2008

planter project

The Husband and I finally came up with a solution to fill the gaping hole next to our front porch steps, a precarious drop that my Dad affectionately calls "The Death Trap." It was an awkward space that we filled in partly with expanded shale. My wonderfully talented hubby then built a cedar box planter, which we coated with natural cedar weatherproof stain. We then planted some horsetail reed inside and used a gray river rock as groundcover. We are so very proud of the result. And I'm truly in love with the horsetail. It really is the perfect plant -- spikey, bright green, and tall. I kept seeing it at the White Rock Home Tour and just had to get my hands on some.


The wonderfully talented husband at work:


A closer look at the horsetail:

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ek said...

Nice box! Please provide updates on the Horsetail. Was this a better option for you than a bamboo?