Thursday, May 29, 2008

san francisco discoveries, volume 2

In our quest to avoid touristy San Francisco, we just couldn't resist a trip into Chinatown. It's one of The Husband's favorite spots in the city, and I have trouble resisting all the tea in china(town). (Couldn't help the play on words there.) A few blocks down Grant Avenue, we stumbled upon Red Blossom Tea, a small shop filled with bins of fresh, mostly organic loose-leaf tea. The shopkeepers could barely speak English, but they had two shopworkers who did the translating. I smelled a variety of white teas before I settled on 2 ounces of Snow Peony, handpicked from Northern Fujian. Justin made off with some green tea called White Monkey. But I was quite taken with the tea blossoms, hand-wrapped tea buds that expand into flowers when bathed in hot water.