Tuesday, June 17, 2008

an afternoon on porches

Sunday was Father's Day, which is always a pickle when you're married. Like Mother's Day, it's your obligation to visit both sets of parents. So the first part of the day was spent at the ranch with The Husband's fam, where we kicked back in rocking chairs and porch swings on the ranch house's wraparound porch (above). It was an incredibly hot day, close to 100 degrees, but sugary iced tea and a swirling ceiling fan kept us cool. Afterward, we headed to my parents' place. The evening was spent on another porch. This time, instead of a bright green pasture, we were gazing at the dull gray waters of Lake Ray Hubbard at County Line Bar-B-Q. Once the sun began to set, the breeze coming off the water was really quite nice, and my mango margarita made it even more comforting.

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