Wednesday, June 4, 2008

confessions of a jobless me

Two days ago, my world was turned halfway upside down when the magazine I worked for folded. It seems that the corporate machine behind the pub no longer wanted to fight for it, considering that Wall Street was giving them such a "hard time." I will miss the subject matter dearly, but I will also miss the people who I've gotten to know so deeply on a day-to-day basis (Lindsay, how shall I function without you?).

Whilst sitting in my home office, scanning for job leads while being lured away by daytime television, I can't help but notice the afternoon buzz that unfolds on my street during summer weekdays. Kids on skateboards, the mailman, city workers, and a flock of peacocks (including the albino pea hen above, whom I've named Beatrice) go about their daily routines outside my window. It's a fine distraction.

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